Welcome back!

It's always extra special to have repeat clients. Last time we saw Ashai was for her one year cake smash. So much has changed in the past year and it was so wonderful to see her and the rest of the Flowers family again for this fun, colorful milestone shoot. She was adorable then and she's even cuter now! Full of positive energy and that wonderful two-year-old curiosity that makes these milestone shoots so unique and engaging.

Family PIctures

Family pictures were taken in our lifestyle corner featuring many cuddles and snuggles with mom and dad and happy, gorgeous smiles all around. Fun fact about our lifestyle corner: the window is actually not real! It's four large light panels installed for the purpose of producing the effect of a floor-to-ceiling picture window letting in natural light from the outside. The lovely airy effect is definitely on display in these beautiful family photos, but what makes the pictures so lovely is the sweet, loving family dynamic that the camera captured perfectly.

Now For The FUn Part...

Ashai's milestone photos were playful and vibrant. With pigtails and a colorful pair of overalls, Ashai made an adorable star-of-the-show. Her spunky personality shows so well in these pictures whether it was balancing on a bicycle or sniffing a sunflower held out by mom. We especially love the cute scrunched nose in the last picture above- that face is Ashai through and through!

Speaking of sunflowers, the birthday girl took a very luxurious bath surrounded by blooms. As you can see below, the sunflowers didn't last long in the bathtub. Ashai's preferred the bath without them, and handed each flower, one-by-one, to mom until she was satisfied with her flower-free tub. She's the birthday girl, so she's the boss! With or without sunflowers, these pictures have Ashai's sweet expressive face that truly shines in every photo.