Why I Chose Photography

As a Miami photographer, there are certain questions that I get asked a lot. "What lens do you use?" , "Canon or Nikon?", "My child is the cutest do you want them as a model?" and finally, "how did you get into photography?". I was always obsessed with pictures! I remember as a tween trying to convince my parents to take us for professional pictures. My parents didn't have anything against doing it but they did not place a lot of importance on doing it. Those professional pictures didn't happen until I was 20 years old!

As a teenager, I was known for my "cool" camera and was always the "photographer" by class events. Still, I was using a regular point & shoot digital camera and I never imagined I would take it further. After high school, I studied graphic design. I got married (to the best guy ever!) and had 2 adorable babies close together. I was working full time as a graphic designer and it was exhausting! I also found graphic design to be super stressful. There were amazing times when my creativity was flowing and I would create amazing things, and there were other times where I felt like I was in a massive rut. I so badly wanted to find something elsewhere I could use my creativity in a way that was less stressful and came more natural to me.   

This is when I first began thinking about photography. The final straw was after having a bad experience with a photographer taking pictures of my family. I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted the pictures to look like. We got a few hundred pictures but none of them was that perfect picture. I had no idea how much goes into getting that perfect picture... So I decided to get myself a DSLR camera and take pictures of my kids myself. 

that is how I went down the rabbit hole of photography. I learned super fast that if I wanted those magical images, I would have a ton of learning to do! I spent hours reading and watching videos, first on the basics of photography, and then, I put what I learned into practice, on more advanced topics. I had a bit of an edge in the editing department from my graphic design days, but even there I had a lot to learn. 

That's really it! But truthfully my story is not over. Photography is a process in which there is always more to learn, another piece of gear i "need", another prop I want, another workshop I've got to take... It's actually one of the things I love about photography because I can never get bored. I am constantly evolving as an artist and growing my business at the same time.

Now I want to hear from you! What do you do for a living and why?

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