Your newborn session is coming up

and you are, understandably, nervous. What if my baby cries the whole time? What if my baby doesn't stop eating? What should I pack to bring?

There's no need to stress! Here are 5 things to know.

1. We have lots of tricks up our sleeve

It's normal for babies to cry- after all, they are just getting used to being in this big world! We have a variety of different ways to calm babies down. Certain soothing hand motions can do the trick. Keeping them warm (we have special warmers) gives them a comforting feeling, and white noise blocks off any sudden noises so that the baby can sleep peacefully. If all this doesn't work (and it's fine if it doesn't- every baby is different!), we can wrap the baby up. Newborns love being swaddled, and we have special techniques for wrapping them so that they're snuggled and happy.

2. Newborn Sessions are long!

Every baby is different, but at this age, it is very normal for babies to need to stop several times to eat. It's called cluster feeding. As always, the baby's needs come before the pictures and so we stop multiple times whenever the baby wants to eat or cuddle. Most of our newborn portrait sessions take 3-5 hours! Luckily for you, we have everything available in the studio to keep you comfortable. We provide snacks, drinks, comfortable chairs, and we even have a massage chair! Take a well-deserved nap. You deserve it, Mom!

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3. Don't stress about what to bring

You don't need to stress out about bringing much. Just make sure you have whatever you need to feed your baby. We have all the wraps, props, accessories, and outfits in the studio. We even have diapers and wipes if you forgot yours!

4. Have someone available to bring older siblings

Since Newborn sessions can take a while, kids can get restless. Having someone bring the older siblings in later on in the session makes things easier. Happy kids cooperate better for their pictures and happy kids usually means a more relaxed mom!

newborn portrait studio key biscayne, best miami baby photographer

5. Your baby will never be this small in your hands again

Even though it's hard to think about getting your own pictures taken so soon after a baby, it's worth it! Twenty years from now your child won't be scrutinizing how you look in these pictures. They will just be so grateful to have these incredible portraits! And so will you! Plus our photographer is great at getting the right angles and photoshopping a bit to give you a perfect look. Remember- these are memories that you will cherish forever!

So, are you ready to book your dream newborn session? Contact us today and we'll be in touch to make all your dreams come true!